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Through my years of coaching I have seen the odd athlete that has risen meteorically in results and accomplishments, but most athlete’s gradually climb the athletic ladder.  It is the latter of these two athletes that I feel needs the most coaching.  I feel that growing with a sport allows you to better see why you are doing the sport and thus appreciate what the sport has given you.

Structured training plans allow the beginner to intermediate athletes to become better.  Sure, not everyone is going to become a world champion, but they can become more confident physically and mentally.  I went from an out of shape “team sport” athlete who was extremely negative and at times severely depressed, to a self confident, physically fit athlete.  This was accomplished by starting a triathlon oriented fitness program.

My goal is to make everyone of my athletes a better person both physically and mentally.  I will accomplish this, not by breaking your bank account, but by providing you with guided support through quality fitness programs at a reasonable price.

Your success is important to us, and although we would like to work with everyone, we limit the number of clients that we take on so that we can dedicate the time needed to all of our athletes.

If you are interested and would like to learn more we will sit down with you either one on one or over the phone to discuss your goals and needs for the upcoming race season.  There is no charge.  It helps all of us decide whether our personalities will work, and gives us a chance to figure out if we can meet all of your goals.  We will give you a list of intro questions and also a list of goal setting questions to help us in designing your program.

Sean and Tara-Lee

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