New Coaches Added At CMS Coaching

stock-photo-a-coaching-word-cloud-concept-with-terms-such-as-leader-mentor-seminar-instructor-sports-goals-94211794I’d like to introduce our new coaches to CMS Coaching.  Dylan Gleeson, Jenna Gleeson and Emily Weekes.  Please see under coaches section for more details on what these great athletes and coaches have to offer in our group sessions.  Tara and I will also be doing group stuff but this is allowing us to teach other people the gift of coaching multisport athletes.  Jenna and Emily will be helping us out with group stuff, while Dylan will be taking on a few athletes under our guidance as well as group workouts.  All presently have NCCP Level 1 credentials or are in the process in the near future.  All of us have different strengths making this a win win situation for all of us.

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